Amana ADB1100AWB 24″ Black Full Console Dishwasher Review

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Amana ADB1100AWB 24








Ease of Use


Value for Money



  • Great value
  • Tall tub interior
  • Cleaning performance
  • Easy to use
  • Energy star rated


  • Slow to wash
  • No delay cycle
  • Plastic tub
  • Lacks insulation

Product Review: Amana ADB1100AWB 24″ Black Full Console Dishwasher

Amana ADB1100AWB 24

Company: Amazon

Price Range: $300 – $350

Feedback: Read Consumer Reviews on the Amana ADB1100AWB Dishwasher

Who Would Buy This: Those shopping for a low-cost, entry-level built-in dishwasher that scores highly for energy efficiency.


  • Holds 12 place settings
  • Triple filter wash system
  • Tall tub interior
  • 3 cycles
  • Push button controls
  • Energy star qualified
  • Design

    The design of the Amana ADB1100AWB is basic and understated, which is well in line with it’s price tag. It has a black front exterior with a recessed handle and front control panel which blend in nicely for a minimalist look. While we’re not crazy about it’s looks, this appliance isn’t an eye sore either.


    The ADB1100AWB sports a tall tub interior, which gives it some extra internal space than you’d get from a regular dishwasher. The tub material is plastic, so while not the best for long term durability or energy efficiency like a stainless steel tub, it helps keep the initial cost down.

    Despite it’s sizeable interior, there are only two racks included, which are made from vinyl. The racks can accommodate twelve place settings, which is more than enough for a medium-sized family. The bottom rack features a removable silverware rack with six sections for separating utensils.

    Front Controls

    The push button controls are located on a dashboard at the top right of the unit for easy access. There’s just five buttons, so it’s real simple to operate.

    Select Cycle – Use this button to select between one of the three available washing cycles (Heavy, Normal, 1-Hour).

    Hi Temp – This feature increases the water temperature and adds another rinse. Ideal for removing caked-on food and grease from dishes.

    Heated Dry – Using this option your dishes and utensils are heated dry, saving you time manually drying them.

    Start/Resume – This button starts or resumes the wash cycle.

    Cancel/Drain – Use this to cancel the wash cycle and drain the machine.

    Noise Level

    Largely due to it’s plastic interior and lack of sound reduction, this isn’t amongst the quietest dishwashers around with it’s noise level of 63 dBA. However, it does get a lot of compliments from consumers for it’s low noise, which is a pleasing sign.

    Even very quiet dishwashers at the high end of the market tend to be around 40dBA – 50dBA, so there isn’t a great deal of difference in terms of noise output.

    Manual: n/a

    Guarantee: 1-year limited warranty.


    The Amana ADB1100AWB Dishwasher comes without bells and whistles, but if it’s just good old fashioned dish washing performance you’re after at a low price, it delivers in abundance.

    This is one of few lower-end dishwashers that come equipped with a top spray arm for the upper rack, which helps enhance it’s cleaning performance. It’s energy star rating is another positive feature which makes it further cost-effective on a long term basis.

    Things to note. Out the box, the ADB1100AWB comes uninsulated, so we recommend using the insulation from your previous dishwasher if you have one.

    Amanda have got most things right with this model and focused on producing an affordable dishwasher that get the job done without having a copious amount of features.