NewAir AC-10100E Ultra Compact Portable Air Conditioner Review

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NewAir AC-10100E Ultra Compact Portable Air Conditioner








Ease of Use


Value for Money



  • Compact design
  • Easy to install
  • High EER rating (11.0)
  • Very low maintenance


  • Loose fitting hose
  • Average noise level

Product Review: NewAir AC-10100E Ultra Compact Portable Air Conditioner

NewAir AC-10100E Ultra Compact Portable Air Conditioner

Company: Amazon

Price Range: $350 – $400

Feedback: Read Consumer Reviews on the NewAir AC-10100E Portable Air Conditioner

Who Would Buy This: Those shopping for a versatile, ultra compact portable air conditioner which can cool and dehumidify rooms up to 325 square feet.


  • 10,000 BTU capacity
  • Ultra compact design
  • Two fan speeds
  • Push-button control panel
  • Auto-evaporative system
  • Full-featured remote control
  • Easy Installation

    Consumers praise the easy set up of this AC unit, since it comes already fully assembled for your convenience and includes a window installation kit. The required installation time is estimated to be just 10 minutes, so this is amongst the most easy to install portable air conditioners in the market.

    Note that this appliance has to be earthed so a 3-pronged electrical outlet is necessary.

    Ultra Compact and Highly Portable

    The NewAir AC-10100E boasts an ultra-compact design and a reasonably lightweight despite it’s powerful cooling capacity of 10,000 BTUs. This makes it ideal for living spaces where floor space is limited. The unit weighs 48.4 lb and measures just 29.75″ in height, 12.13″ in width with a depth of 15.13″.

    The unit sits on four caster wheels and has a large handle topside at the rear, which ensures easy portability whenever you want to move it.

    Cooling Performance

    Where it matters most for many is of course cooling performance. The NewAir AC-10100E packs in 10,000 BTUs with an air flow of 218 CFM into it’s small chassis, giving it the cooling capability to quickly cool down spaces up to 325 square feet. One consumer even noted that it cooled an area sized 450 square feet to a satisfactory standard.

    In dehumidifying mode, it can extract moisture from the air at a rate of 50.64 pints every 24 hours.

    There are adjustable air louvers so you have some control over the direction of the airflow. The only caveat here is the angle of adjustability is limited so there isn’t a great degree of control over the airflow direction.


    The control panel on the AC-10100E is pretty basic so its easy to operate. It features a small LCD display that provides a digital readout so you can keep on an eye on the current temperature setting.

    There are seven push-buttons to control the various modes and functions. The buttons have small icons next to them which visually indicate what each button does. Some consumers prefer labelled buttons instead of icons, for easier reference. However, the simplicity of the controls means you’ll soon easily familiarize yourself with them.

    The included remote control is full-featured so you can operate all of the AC functions effortlessly from wherever you are sitting.

    NewAir AC-10100E Ultra Compact Portable Air Conditioner Controls

    Modes and Functions

    This AC offers 3-in-1 functionality so it can cool down a room, ventilate it or be used as a dehumidifier. Mode-wise, there are two fan speeds, including an auto fan mode and one cool setting.

    Other functions include a 12 hour timer which can be programmed from 1 to 12 hours, plus a sleep mode, both of which provides added energy saving benefits.

    Low Maintenance

    A really nifty feature employed by this NewAir portable air conditioner is it’s self-evaporative technology. Essentially, this works by recycling water drawn from the air and then using it to cool down the inner compressor coils. This lowers energy usage and reduces the frequency you need to empty the water tank. So unless you plan using this air conditioner in a high humid environment, you should benefit from this feature.


    The filter system which comes fitted in this unit is an activated carbon filter. This washable filter traps dust and unwanted particles from the air to increase air quality, allowing you to breath cleaner air. The filter needs to be rinsed just once per month, so its easy to maintain.

    Manual: NewAir AC-10100E manual

    Guarantee: 1-year warranty.


    The NewAir AC-10100E Portable Air Conditioner is a great performer that delivers quick, reliable cooling and dehumidification in small-to-medium spaces with minimal fuss. It’s small footprint, fast installation, high energy efficiency and low maintenance design are excellent aspects of this AC unit.

    While it’s looks aren’t as sleek and attractive as portable air conditioners from the likes of LG and Whynter, it makes up for this with its small footprint, which is a desirable benefit for many who want a powerful, portable AC unit which takes up only little space.