Oreck RAIRP-B Professional Air Purifier Review

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Oreck RAIRP-B Professional Air Purifier








Ease of Use


Value for Money



  • Compact tabletop design
  • 6-stage air filtration
  • Runs almost silently
  • Low-cost to maintain
  • Energy efficient


  • Loud on High setting
  • Drying filter takes time

Product Review: Oreck RAIRP-B Professional Air Purifier

Oreck RAIRP-B Professional Air Purifier

Company: Amazon

Price Range: $150 – $200

Feedback: Read Consumer Reviews on the Oreck RAIRP-B

Who Would Buy This: Those shopping for a super quiet, tabletop air purifier for cleaning and purifying air in large areas up to 600 square feet.


  • Truman Cell six-stage filtration system
  • 3-speed settings
  • Collector cell light
  • Silence technology
  • Fragrance tray
  • Tabletop Design

    With it’s compact tabletop design, the Oreck XL is highly portable and small enough to fit neatly on your table without taking up lots of desk space. This makes it ideal for areas such as office desks, kitchen counter-tops and bedside tables.

    Silence Technology

    Using Silence Technology, the unit runs almost silently on it’s lowest speed setting, so you can run it any time of the day or night without noise disturbance. Even on the Medium speed setting, it’s still nearly silent.

    Truman Cell Technology

    One of the flagship features of this air purifier is Oreck’s patented Truman Cell Technology. This advanced filtration system uses a 6-stage process to trap airborne allergens and germs that aren’t visible to the human eye. It’s also efficient in removing VOCs, which are harmful gases that can cause headaches, dizziness and throat irritation. The upshot of this is that your air will be cleaner, fresher and much more breathable.

    Coverage Area

    The Oreck XL is rated to clean areas up to 600 square feet, which is room sized about 8 ft x 10 ft.

    Controls / Functions

    The control panel on the Oreck XL has just three buttons so it’s very user-friendly and easy to operate.

    It’s main functions are as follows.

    Power – The middle button is used to power the unit and also change between the three fan speeds (Silence, Medium or High)

    Air Revitalizer – The left button turns on the Air Revitalizer which produces negative ions into the air that remove smoke and other odors.

    Check Collector Cell – By holding down the left button you can reset this feature each time after you’ve cleaned the Truman Cell.

    Night Light – The right button activates the Night Light. This is just a small horizontal blue light which doesn’t put out much light, but is still handy for some additional light at night.


    The EP filter is a permanent filter which is designed to last a lifetime, so there are no replacement filters needed to fork out for. You just need to wash this filter with soap and water once every 2-4 weeks. The downside is that the filter has to be fully dry before it can be put back into the unit. It can take about 1-2 hours for the filter to dry out after being washed.

    When its time to clean the filter, the Collector Cell Light on the unit lights up red so you don’t need to keep remembering when you last cleaned it.

    It comes supplied with a dust brush which is used for cleaning the front air intake and exhaust louvers. This brush is located underneath the top panel which you can access after removing it.

    Manual: n/a

    Guarantee: 3-year warranty. Lifetime warranty for Truman Cell.


    The Oreck RAIRP-B Professional Air Purifier is a reliable and versatile unit that silently delivers effective air purification to greatly reduce dust, smoke and odors, while being highly energy efficient. The cost efficiency of having a washable filter is a big draw for people wanting an economical solution to getting cleaner air.